Stefan Fink's personality radiates serenity, warm-heartedness, and cheerfulness... He has found inner peace, because he has found his true passion. A passion that is tangible in everything he does, resounding in every word he proffers about his work.

In his constant striving for the perfect match of functionality and harmonious shape, the secret of Stefan Fink's success lies in his ardent love for his work and in his unique skills, combined with uncompromising insistence on excellence and with the patience required to create real beauty.

Stefan Fink loves natural materials, and as a wood-turner, wood is of course his favourite. To him, it represents the magic of touch and feel. "Wood needs love, affection and time, you have to treat it carefully and respectfully. To work with wood is like meditation" he says, a declaration of love for this sensitive material.

First and foremost, Stefan Fink is a craftsman, through and through! However, as the Japanese Lacquer Artist Akagi Akito puts it: "As soon as you have one of his writing tools in your hands, you can feel the artist. The artist Stefan Fink can really touch people's hearts, thanks to his exceptional spirituality, his flawless craftsmanship, his vibrant enthusiasm for his work and his carefully hand-selected materials."

Stefan Fink is the last and the only fountain-pen manufacturer in Germany!
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