Stefan Fink, a wood-turner from Hamburg, has made an international name for himself with handcrafted fountain pens made of fine woods. Pick them up once and nature will work its wonders - you will never want to put them down again.

Stefan Fink's fountain pens...
a timeless and subtle elegance
a discreet luxury that speaks for itself
awe-inspiring yet unobtrusive
radiating calm and composure
offering a precious moment of peace in our fast-moving times
recalling what is essential.

Authenticity, patience, the purpose and value of one's work - Stefan Fink's exquisite writing tools have the power to evoke these qualities thanks to their inherent natural magic. Each fountain pen is unique, turned by hand with intuition and creativity, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a declaration of love to the materials.

Stefan Fink fountain pens - simply one of a kind!
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