Stefan Fink's writing utensils were conceived for all those who
  • Like the feel of a fountain pen in their hand and enjoy the lightness and softness of writing without raspy resistance

  • Adore harmonious shapes that flatter the eyes and hands

  • favour a simple writing instrument made from natural material, without unnecessary extravagance and waste, over a pompous status symbol used merely to show off.

  • look for a robust companion for everyday use that embodies the triad of shape, function and excellent quality in an unparalleled way.

  • Who like to take a moment of tranquility to enjoy the unique nature of their personal writing utensil, which is inimitable and one of its kind

  • Who do not regard their fountain pen as a consumer object, but as a long-term investment that will last their lifetime and that they would like to pass on to the next family generation.

  • Who appreciate the value of this unique kind of craftsmanship and know that it deserves to be rewarded appropriately.
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