To manufacture his writing tools, Stefan Fink prefers exotic wood species from Africa, India and South America, such as African Blackwood, Purpleheart, Brazilian Rosewood, Pernambuco und Bubinga, as well as Rosewood and Olive chosen from regions across Europe.

Stefan Fink buys each wood himself, in its raw state. Wood is a difficult material, undergoing a constant inner and outer transformation. Stefan Fink therefore always looks for "gracious" material, as he puts it, and wood that is not too greasy. Sometimes, the wood is several hundred years old and if Stefan Fink is lucky, he finds remaining stocks of wood species that cannot be found anymore elsewhere.

"I have to smell the wood, and then work each piece with all my experience and dedication. After all these years, I am able to scan the wood with my eyes", says Stefan Fink.

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